I read a really good book on my KOBO ereader last week.

It was called Left for Dead: How I Survived 71 days in the Australian Outback.  It is the story of Ricky MeGee and his struggle to survive in harsh back country of the land down-under.  Having been left for dead by local thiefs, McGee wanders for 71 days with no water, food or even shoes.  It truly is an amazing story of survival.

There was a part in the book where McGee sees airplanes flying overhead.  With no source of fire to light a sinal fire, Ricky had to watch helplessly as hope for a rescue flew oblivious to the man wandering around the outback.  As I read this story I was forced to wonder if McGee’s times in the desert would have been shortened if he had known how to signal an Airplane.

There are different ways to signal an airplane.  A signal fire or a signal mirror are the first to come to mind.  However, when mirrors and matches are not available, it is an understanding of the International Ground to Air Signal Codes that could save your life when attempting to communicate with an overhead airplane.   The only materials needed to build the 8 foot in length symbols are some wood, rocks or fabric.  You just need to know what to write on the ground for your rescuers to read.

Inspired from this story of survival, out list today presents 7 Ground to Air Signals that could save your life.

1.  Serious Injury

2.  Need Compass and a Map

3.  Need Food and Water

4.  It is believed to be safe to land here

5.  I am going this way

6.  Unable to Proceed

7.  All is Well

Now you know, What to do…

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