Jeff and KentIt has been almost a year since we started The TOP 7.  During the past months we have had nearly 40,000 hits and 400 comments.   We have a faithful following but we still are faced with a difficult decision.

It is time to shut THE TOP 7 down.

Jeff and I have loved this adventure.  We have enjoyed writing the posts and reviews.  Making stupid videos has been great.  However, when we started, we knew that this project was temporary and would one day be put on the shelf.

Here are 7 reasons why we are finished with THE TOP 7

1. Our subscription expired

We lose our .net soon and are too cheap to renew.  Anyone want to purchase a really great blog?  Cheap.

2.  There are no more lists to be listed

Actually, that is not true.  We might have missed a couple of obscure lists.

3.  We needed to free up some time

It is amazing how much time is needed to keep up a blog.  With our decision to shut down THE TOP 7 we no longer have to use our coffee breaks to write and research.

4.  We made enough $ to retire

Not true.  Not even close.  We made nothing.  Other than a few cool donations we are taking nothing from our blog adventure.

5.  This “Internet” thing is not going to last

Steve Jobs passed away.  Blackberry is tanking.  I can see where this is going…

6.  It is on to our next Venture

Stay tuned for what is next on our agenda.  It is going to be BIG.  (THE TOP 6)

7.  Our wives told us to shut it down

We are not stupid.  When our wives tell us that we had to choose between them or our blog, it took us 15 minutes to make the right choice.


Till next time,
Kent and Jeff

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  1. DD says:

    I will miss you guys. RIP

  2. gerhard says:

    I’m have already missed being able to click on your The Top 7 blog. I found it entertaining, educational and interesting (not all of the above all the time). I’m glad that you listhen to your wives.

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