In case you have not noticed, Movember is half over.

The days are getting noticeably shorter.  The weather has become much cooler.  The malls are starting to see  shoppers looking for Christmas deals.

And, the Movember Mustaches are filling in nicely.

In case you missed it, here is the deal.

Every November men all over Canada and the world put the razors away and, much to their wives disfavor, grow a mustache.  The reason for this sudden desire to refrain from cutting facial hair comes as a reminder to bring awareness to Men’s health, particularly prostate cancer.

This annual practice is called Movember.

Back to the purpose of this post.

With the month of Movember half over, participating men will be forced to make some hard and real decisions. The quesition on the top of the list for those growing their stach for cancer is, “how am I going to style this baby?”

We are here to help answer that question.  Today we want to give you some of the Top Mustache styles to choose from.  The list today is not just a mere 7 styles as that was much too limiting.  Instead we present to you 13 wonderful Mustache styles to help with your grooming needs.

Send us your mustache pic at  We will gladly post your tribute to Men’s Health.  Enjoy your Movember.

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  1. eva sorenson says:

    Please post pictures of Movember in the JANZ homes.

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