It is time.  On November 27 At 4:00 pm MST, the 99th Grey Cup will be played in Vancouver, BC.

After an 18 game season, the top two teams in the Canadian Football League will face off to in a final match to determine the winner of Lord Grey’s Cup.  The BC Lions are favoured to win this years contest against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.   After a disasterous start to the 2012 season, the Lions have won their way to play in the Grey Cup game in BC.  The Blue Bombers’ solid defence brought them to this game.

You bet that I’ll be watching.

I had the opportunity to attend the 88th Grey Cup in Calgary, but I decided that I didn’t want to pay the price of a season’s ticket just for the opportunity to freeze outside at the game in the cold  Canadian November.  Although I watched the game from my warm couch at home, I venture out to attend the parade and other Grey Cup functions.

As we prepare for Sunday’s game, the Top 7 presents to you some facts about the Canadian Football League’s Big Game:

1.  The first Grey Cup was played in 1909 in Toronto between the University of Toronto and the Parkdale Canoe Club.  Toronto won 26-6.

2.  The Grey Cup was named after Lord Earl Grey, a former Governor General of Canada.

3.  The highest scoring Grey Cup Game was in 1989 when Saskatchewan beat Hamiltion 43-40.

4.  Quarterback Russ Jackson (Ottawa) threw the most touchdown passes (4) in a single Grey Cup game in 1966.

5.  The record for most touchdown passes in the Grey Cup in their Career is held by Anthony Calvillo (Montreal) with 9 TD completions.

6.  The Hamilton Defence dominated the big game in 1986 when they had 13 sacks.

7.  In 1955, Montreal passed the ball for a record 508 yards.

What is your favorite memory of the Grey Cup?

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  1. timmy314 says:

    The Lions are going to eat the Blue Bummers

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