It is already February 10 and there are only 4 more days until Valentine’s Day.

Guys, before you panic you need to know that we are here to help.  Not only is this reminder coming with plenty of time to prepare for this special day, we are going to give you our seven great ideas to help you plan for the 14th.

Here are our Top 7 Valentine Gifts for HER


1.  Chocolates

A sweet treat is always appreciated.

Tip:  Make sure to get the good quality chocolate.  If the chocolate you purchase does not melt when you leave it in your car window, it likely is not a quality product.

2.  Flowers

This is the time of year when Roses are appreciated, if not expected.

Tip:  The flowers I got at the 7-11 last year did not last very long.  Might want to head to a florist this year.

3.  Time

When you think about it, Time is your Most Valuable Asset.  Share it with her and give her your attention and time to just talk, and be with each other.

Question?  How do you spell LOVE?   Answer.  T. I. M. E.

4.  A Couple’s Vacation

Whether it is to Hawaii or to a cute, quiet hotel in the next city, “getting away from it all” is a truly romantic gesture.

Tip:  Hotels with a 70’s decor does not translate as a “Theme Room.”

5.  Dinner

Sharing a quiet meal together strengthens the bond with your girl. And yes, cooking the meal yourself will give you extra credit.

Tip: The local Burger Baron (and others like it) have the opposite effect.

6.  Movie

Go to a “Chick Flick” without complaining.  I understand how hard this can be but remember, it is only two hours out of the year.

Bonus Points:  Share how you almost cried during an emotional part in the show.

7.  Your Home

Put effort into the way your home looks.  Set out candles; put on nice music.  How about going all out?  Try clean toilets; vacuum; do laundry; put things away.  She might just notice and appreciate it.

Tip:  Remember that building that man cave does not constitute as a romantic gesture.

Do you have a Valentine Gift for Her?  We want you to pass it on….Please.

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  1. […] Valentines Day is a time of Love and Hearts.  I love my wife deeply.  In fact, I will be shopping later today for a Valentine’s gift for her.  (Good thing we did that list last week.) […]

  2. Husband of the Year says:

    I got 5 out of 7 right!

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